What is WINK?

After the terminology has been learned, the tests have been taken, the diploma has been received and your job has been found, what happens next? 1500pays was designed for medical billers at this stage. The ones who have to continuously ask themselves, how do I apply what I’ve learned?

For those of you who have read so much in school that you just can’t bear to read another article, we’ve all been there. WINK is for you.

Wink stands for What I Need to Know

Think of WINK as a relevancy cheat sheet. Sure, you can recite the definition of a PPO and you can tell me, on average, how many people choose PPO vs. HMO. But in the field, that kind of knowledge isn’t what is going to get your doctor paid.

WINK is thirty years worth of condensed experience at your fingertips. WINK tells you only the most relevant information about a topic and why you need to know it. For example, when you have a patient with a PPO plan, what are the things that you should automatically think of doing? Visit our PPO page in Chapter Two under Insurance Guide and click the WINK to find out.

Click on a WINK today.