Outsourcing is Not A Dirty Word


1 in 5 clean claims are denied  or paid incorrectly by the health plan and that roughly 18 -25 % of providers never bother to challenge these claims.

Most of us lack the skills needed to manage every aspect of our lives without some type of outside assistance. We will easily turn over our cars and our homes to outsiders for repairs and upkeep,  yet we will accept the hit or miss approach to claim reimbursement - just to keep it in-house.

Outsourcing of your medical billing and recovery may be the answer if:

  • You lack the time and/or resources needed to appeal or dispute EVERY non paid or incorrectly paid claim.
  • You do not have an Insurance Specialist on staff.
  • A/R management means to periodically adjustment off aging balances instead of pushing for payment.
  • You ignore timely filing periods.
  • Your open A/R is always much higher than you’d like.
  • You fail to collect deductibles and coinsurance amounts upfront.
  • You do not consistently verify eligibility and benefits. 
  • You fail to follow up timely.
  • You find yourself re-billing the same claims over and over.
  • Your in house biller also handles the front office, back office, payment posting and everything else.
  • You learn about the billing and health carrier changes that affect your reimbursement, months or even years after they have been implemented.
  • Your overhead expenses have increased due to the added costs of paying your Biller’s salary, vacation and sick time, health, vision and dental insurance but you have yet to see any financial return for all of this output.   

Frustrated over your open A/R that either stays flat or continues to grow? 

Time to think about outsourcing.

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