Medical Billing Information

What I know for sure is that medical billing is all about reimbursement

Anyone can put codes on a claim and hit the submit button. The test is knowing how to take that claim and turn it into cash. 1500pays is all about using our knowledge of health insurance to help you reach the next level. Having a good understanding of the health insurance process is critical to knowing how to recover every dime that is due and not one penny less.


We want to provide that high level of medical billing knowledge and experience that will lead to increased revenue and less frustration for every medical provider who may be struggling to understand and navigate the health insurance and billing process so that you can simply get paid. 

If you are interested in our services or know someone that may be  interest, please hit the Contact Us button for more information. 

Interested in Medical Billing?

We also wanted to help anyone interested in medical billing by providing access to tons of information about health insurance processes and procedures, medical plans and billing. Maybe you handle the day to day billing but you lack the insurance knowledge needed to ensure adequate reimbursement. Maybe you are new to medical billing and you want to make sure you have what it takes to effectively perform the job. Or maybe you simply have an interest in opening your own home based billing company one day.

Either way, this site is for you.

Our love for what we do is evident in our history, our experience, our years served and the amount of information contained on this site. 

We hope you enjoy this site and that you make us your go to place for the billing and recovery services that are second to none and for the medical billing information that you need as you start your own journey.  

 Feel free to look around and please contact us if we can help in anyway 

Rochelle and Ashley