For Providers

This is the only industry, that I can think of, where providing a legitimate service and obtaining adequate reimbursement requires the efforts of an entire village. One misstep could cost you.

You've reached this website because you have concerns about your in-house biller, your current billing processes and/or your open A/R.  Now take this one step further, contact us and let us help.

We may be new to business ownership but we are not new to this industry.

With over 30 years of experience, we know that outsourcing is not for everyone and we know that the decision to surrender your billing to an "outsider" may be a bit scary.

We know that every member of your "village"  has a role to play in the recovery process; from initial encounter to claim billing. We also know that billing is only a small part of the process - true success is based on how many of your claims are paid timely and accurately. 

We know that creating a clean claim with prompt, repeated, follow-up is key. We also know that detailed reporting provides you with that critical measurement of how well we are performing and that truth in reporting is a must. Our reports are designed to age from the date of service not from a billed date that can be reset every time a claim is rebilled.      

We know that you may still be a bit unsure if outsourcing is for you.

Please click the "Articles" button below and take a look at our article entitled "Outsourcing is not a dirty word."

If you've answered yes to the majority of the questions, you need to do something besides watch your A/R continue to rise.   

Rochelle & Ashley