The Case of the
'Never-Ending Copay.'

Nancy is 24 years old and she has always been healthy as a horse. For some strange reason, this year, she has had one medical mishap after the other. First it was the flu that kept her in the hospital for 3 days, then repeated sinus infections, a sprained ankle, a severe acne flare up and just last week, a cut that required 10 sutures to repair.

The only good part of all this is that, for the first time ever, she has met both her $250.00 plan deductible and her $3000.00 out of pocket, in full. She is ecstatic because her health plan is going to pay all covered services at 100%. She does not plan to pay one more penny out of her pocket for health care for the rest of this year.

So imagine her dismay, while visiting her doctor for a follow up, she was required to pay a $20.00 office visit copay. With reluctance, Nancy pays the $20.00 with the intent to call her health carrier as soon as she leaves the doctor's office and dispute the payment. 

Why was she asked to pay a copay? Clearly they owe her a full refund. 

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