The Case of the
Kiss My Healthcare Goodbye -Solved

The answer can be found in Chapter 1, under the button  Affordable Care Act.

Because the recent change to the current administration is only a week old, the fate of the Affordable Care Act as we know it not clear.  As of today, we really have no idea how the proposed "Trumpcare" will be structured.

I have heard whispers (don’t quote me on this) that suggests that the Affordable Care Act will be radically modified but not totally scrapped.

This means that certain elements of the current plan, like mandated coverage and tax penalties, will be removed while other provisions, like the preexisting clause and coverage for dependents to age 26, may still be part of the new plan. 

Again, don’t quote me because until we see the new plan, we are all just guessing.

The only thing that seems to be fairly certain is that those covered under an Affordable Care Plan will not suddenly be dropped from coverage in the middle of the night.

The thought is that: as long as premiums are paid, you will have coverage until 12/31/17.

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