The Case of the
'I Don't Have You Covered.'

Renee recently had a beautiful baby girl named Dany, born with no complications or concerns and she is excited to be a new mom. After delivery, Renee is extremely busy taking care of her family, her house and her health but does notice that her health carrier has paid their portion of all of her and Dany's medical bills, leaving her with the remaining balance.

What luck! They even paid their portion of Dany's hospital bill and the well-check visit she had when she was two weeks old. And although she doesn't remember enrolling her daughter into her health insurance plan, she is relieved that all is going as planned.

When Dany is 2 months old, Renee takes her in for a routine well-check where she is told that Dany is not eligible for coverage under the plan. Renee is asked to pay all charges in full.

There must be some kind of mistake. Of course Dany is covered since all of her hospital charges and even her two week checkup was paid. So, what is going on here?

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