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We vowed to take you along on this journey. So what better time than the last day in 2016 than to update you on where we are at this point.

Ash and I have not accomplished all that we had hoped this year. By now, we had planned to have the medical billing business opened with a least one provider under contract. Although we were busy on other ideas and projects, the business did not officially open in 2016, we only recently completed the LLC process and secured our Tax ID number.

This did not go as planned for a lot of different reasons and excuses – some legitimate, others not so much. Time moves so fast, it seems we have blinked and now we are here, at the end of 2016.

Funny, opening a new business challenges all that you think about yourself and if you are not careful it will make a liar out of you. You may believe you are focused and committed and that “you got this” but if you get easily side tracked, fail to keep your eye on everything, forget or ignore the plan or simply lose faith because things did not go your way, you can sabotage the dream.

We struggled with some of this in 2016. Ash and I have very busy lives; full-time jobs, a new baby, family members with serious health issues, homes, etc. We found ourselves taking a detour more than once, thinking everything would just fall into place.

So, for this last day of 2016, I am reflecting, and kicking myself a bit because I know I needed to work harder and stay more focused.

While I believe that retrospect is good, a wise man (my dad) once told me it’s OK to visit there - just don’t stay there too long. So, I am using this time to recharge, refocus and remember.

Just keep it moving.

We have already been given the gift - we woke up this morning. What we do with it, is up to us.

The medical billing business has officially opened and the hunt has begun for our first provider willing to entrust us to do the billing on their behalf.

Down, but not out…. the dream is real.

Stay tuned.

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