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It all starts with a name. You can’t buy a domain, set up your email, file your partnership or LLC, obtain a tax ID number or print your marketing materials without a name. In spite of our previous attempts, and subsequent failures, Ashley and I decided that today, “we are going to have a name for our business!”

The process goes something like this: you think of a possible candidate and then you have to search to see if that name is already taken. It isn’t enough to simply google it. Because oftentimes, people can buy domain names but not have a website built. So you must find a domain registrar site. We used Go Daddy. It was easy to use and no registration was needed to search. You simply type in the name of your potential site into the search bar and see if it's taken.

Now, because Ashley has a new baby and she is normally up early, I fired off my first text to her at 5:00 A.M. with what I thought was thee name. Short story even shorter, she hated it. But just to be fair, I hated a few of her suggestions as well.

We hated, rejected, loved, checked Go Daddy, rinsed, repeated, for over 5 straight hours before we finally hit the one name that we both agreed on that wasn’t already taken by a computer company, a theatre website or a website design business. 1500pays was the one we felt was creative yet still captured the theme of our new business; billing on a CMS 1500 form can pay.

So, we purchased multiple domain names,, and from Go Daddy for, altogether, about $30.00 for the first year. We could’ve purchased for longer periods, say 5 years which is more cost effective, but we opted for the one year because we still had quite a few other start-up fees.  We will most likely go for five years at renewal.

Did we really need to buy three domain names? Not sure, there seems to be two schools of thought:

1.       You really only need the .com because that is the most common type of TLD, Top Level Domain, that people enter into a browser.

2.       You really need at least three, if not more, in order to make sure no other business can come in with your name using a different TLD (ex. Com, Net, Org, etc.) and steal your traffic. So for example, if becomes a huge success, another business could purchase and steal some of our traffic. This becomes a big deal when your site begins to generate money.

Thinking long term, we chose option two. Now, we are excited and overjoyed that our name has found us. Today was our day! Next stop…a website.

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