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Who knew our logo would be the thing that would cause the most headaches.

Normally, I like to search reviews before I do business with anyone. I used to work for a Superior Court filing Small Claims and it has made me weary about who I go into business with but mom had already paid $30.00 to One Logo Design. They are an online company which instantly raised a red flag for me. Call me particular, but I like to do business with people I can see face to face; that way they can’t dodge my emails.

But anyhoo, mom forwards me the info and I immediately get into contact with one of their reps named Jason. Jason seems eager to help me and I am very happy with how promptly he is answering all of my questions via email. He then starts to urge me to immediately upgrade my package to include unlimited design concepts and revisions. Mind you, their contract states they have three day turnaround time for logos and it has been over a week since my mom had contacted them and we have yet to see any logo designs. Another red flag is raised because I am being urged to upgrade a package when I have yet to get any benefit from the first package.

Finally, after I agree to upgrade, paying an additional $30.00, that pleasant correspondence ceases and a couple days pass before I have to email Jason in order to check the status of our logos. He forwards me to another person, Joey, who actually handles the logos. Apparently, Jason handles sales and it’s his job to upsell so be weary of this if you decide to use them.

For the next month and a half the logo process was disastrous. Here are my main chief complaints:

1.      If I didn’t email Joey by the third day to check the status of my logos, a week, sometimes longer, would pass without any concepts. This is unacceptable to me. If your contract states 3 days turnaround time. I fully expect that to be honored without me hassling you.

2.     My mother and I are very particular about what we put our name on. We really like our work and our name to represent something of quality. There are some really killer logos out there. Very unique and creative designs and to put it nicely, we weren’t happy with the designs we were being presented.

3.     On three different occasions I emailed word documents with their logos pasted into them and specifics about what we did and didn’t like about each one of them. Mainly the colors, that the message was unclear and that our message wasn’t being represented and a few other reasons. I did this hoping they could learn a little bit about us and what we wanted. Each time, they flat out refused to acknowledge my suggestions and kept the same colors and the same features that we asked them to change.

4.     After some frustration, I begin researching logos myself and began putting my own concepts together in order to move the process along. I give them my ideas. A week and a half later what I was given proved to me that they could not provide the level of service we expected.

I didn’t know where to begin searching for a logo designer who wasn’t online. The whole thing left a sour taste in my mouth so I took a week off of the logo hunt in order to regroup and spend my last week of maternity leave with my baby until I returned to work. It wasn’t until I got to work, that I remembered that one of my coworkers is a fantastic artist; so I asked him. Turns out, while I was on leave he began to do this professionally. Thank Heavens the stars aligned for us. My friend Alex Gudino (you can find him at agreed to take me on as a client and within a couple of weeks our logo was complete and up to the quality that we are proud to put 1500pays on.

I would like to offer up a tip. Depending on your designer, you may not have someone who takes the time to ensure your needs are integrated into the concept. So creating a few concepts of your own before meeting with your designer, or even having a clear idea of what message you want your logo to convey is extremely helpful. Alex was excellent at asking several questions about what we like and don’t like. I am positive that we would’ve done (and paid for) at least two more concepts designs had he not been so thorough.

Now, we have requested a full refund with One Logo Design and I was told that our refund has been processed but two weeks later I have yet to receive it. So, by my count, we are down $60.00 from One Logo Design. We also ended up doing three concepts with Alex. This increased our price from $140 to $210.00 making our grand total for our logo $270.00. It was a bit pricey but well worth the investment. Logos are everlasting after all.

Note: We were not given a discount or any special pricing in exchange for our positive review of Alex Gudino Designs in our blog. He earned every bit of the praise. If you were to choose him, you can expect the same prices and quality of designs.

Check out our logos below. Up next, do these girls ever stop? Find out next.

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