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Ashley and I recognized early on that we would not have the capital needed to fully fund this business and still eat. Since we are both homeowners with families, one thing was certain, we did not want, nor could we afford, to increase our current debt.

So our initial plan was simple, we would build a website that included pages and pages of good useful information, apply to Goggle Adsense to have ads placed on our site (Adsense will place ads on your site and then pay you when the ads are clicked on), get approved by Adsense, make tons and tons of easy money that we would then use to pay all of the expenses related to building a new business.

I know! When I see this in print I am concerned about us too but Ashley and I had visited other websites, some with way less information then we had on our site, yet they were running ads and making money.

So if they can do it, we can do it too.

So we put our plan into motion. We…

  • Built a website.
  • Included tons of good, useful content.
  • Applied to Goggle Adsense to have ads placed on our site.
  • Got approved to begin placing ads.
  • Placed the code for the ads on our site, keeping within AdSense's strict requirements. Adsense has a lot of rules about ad placement, site content, etc.
  • Resubmitted for review of ad placement and final approval.
  • Got denied for “insufficient content.” 

Huh? Insufficient content? As in…not sufficient? There must be some kind of mistake.

So we quickly began doing research. How could our site, with over 100 articles, be insufficient? Unfortunately, Google Adsense did not give a clear answer to our question. In fact, you couldn’t even contact them about how to improve your specific site.

After much research, we learned that Adsense runs a small “bot” through your site to get a feel for it’s potential, including: can visitors navigate freely around your site? Does your site contain more than a page or two of text? Is your site full of images and videos instead of useful content? Is the content offensive or inappropriate? Does the site have a fair amount of established traffic? Does the site provide access to a wide range of topics and information?

Lastly, will your site attract a lot of visitors who hopefully will click on these sponsored ads and make both of us a ton of money?

So, we went back to the drawing board. Some blogs suggested that we boost our word count to 500 words per article.  So, we revised some articles, repeated our steps, resubmitted for final approval and again we were…rejected due to ‘insufficient content.”

At this point, we would love to tell you that it all ended happily; ads running, people clicking, money flowing - but not all stories have happy endings.

After several attempts, Ash and I decided to proclaim this a bump in the road. So we reversed our position, chose another path, and picked up the pace.

You know what they say about when one door closes.....

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