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This dream of opening my own medical billing business is years in the making.

I can’t count the number of times I have picked up this dream, written hundreds of articles, accumulated tons of information only to set it right back down again because I lacked the motivation needed to give it wings.

Clearly, I heard the calling; I just was not ready to answer.

In late 2015, Ashley convinced me that it was now or never so we joined forces and got to work. Our recipe was simple; it called for one ingredient, a website.

The website was the key to everything, it would be the thing that:

  • Would house all of the articles that I had written over the years.
  • Our visitors could use as a source for gaining a better understanding of health insurance plans, processes and procedures.
  • Would lead to monetization of some sort.
  • Would result in the added income that was needed to finally open the doors to the billing business.

More importantly, it would be tool that would train my partner. You see, Ashley is an educator, with zero health insurance knowledge or experience and I wanted her to think beyond simply putting codes on a claim. Knowing all aspects of the process was critical to satisfying the providers that would entrust us to do the billing and recovery on their behalf.  

So I used the information that I had accumulated over the years to help Ashley understand that it all starts and ends with a health insurance carrier. Both of us were amazed how quickly she was able navigate and even anticipate how a carrier would process a claim.  She was even able to use what she had learned to successfully appeal her own personal claims. Ashley's experience helped us to realize that,

Someone else must be struggling to understand this maze of confusing acronyms, unpredictable reimbursement, numerous different plan designs and ever changing rules and regulations.

Someone else must be starting to realize that billing a clean claim does not always equate to adequate reimbursement.

Someone else could really benefit from having access to a guide that provides tons of health insurance related information, all in one place.

In reality, a book had always been a part of the plan, somewhere in the future, but as our initial monetization plans started to crash and burn the thought of a book started to take shape.

So, the 1500pays: A Health Insurance Guide will be released soon and this journey to opening our own business with its twists and turns, disappointments and surprises, wins and losses, well… the saga continues.

Stay tuned for more updates to this crazy adventure.

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