About 1500pays

We may have just hung out our shingle, but 1500pays has been an unfulfilled dream for many years.

I started my career as a dental assistant then moved to dental claim billing to dental claim processing to medical claim processing to pre-approvals, appeals and dispute handling to medical billing. I currently supervise the medical billing department of a large medical device company.

I have spent all of my adult life in the health insurance field, so the dream of opening my own business was the logical next step.  

In 2016, my daughter, Ashley (an educator) and I decided to join forces and open 1500pays. Our dream was to infuse more freedom, flexibility and fun into our very structured 9-to-5 days.

We started by developing a website that could be a go-to place for anyone trying to understand this business and we ended the year by officially opening 1500pays, A Medical Billing Company.

It would seem that with over 30 years in this business that I would know everything there is to know about health insurance, but therein lies the magic of this industry - nothing stays the same.

The processes, the procedures, the regulations, the rules, the plan provisions, the benefits, are ALL constantly changing. It forces you to keep learning, keep growing and keep moving in order to be successful.

1500pays is Rochelle and Ashley, a mother/daughter duo with a strong work ethic. We are excited about the future and we are committed to using our experience to recover every dime that is due for you.

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