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1500pays Has Been Updated!
January 30, 2017

1500pays has been updated!

The following is a list of some of the changes:

Two blogs have been added. Visit the 'Blog' tab to read the latest on our journey.

Two case studies have been added. Visit the 'Case Study' tab to test your knowledge.

The answer to the Case of the Three Boys with Three Plans has been provided. Visit the 'Case Study' tab to see if you had what it took to solve the case.

Two articles have been added. Visit Chapter 7 under the Insurance Guide to hear the latest about MACRA and EHR/EMR.

Chapter Nine has been updated with 4 new articles that are coming soon.

A Provider Tab has been added for our Providers interested in 1500pays' services.

The Affordable Care Act article under Chapter 1 of the Insurance Guide has been updated.

We appreciate the feedback. Contact us and let us know how you are liking the site.

Best Regards,

The 1500pays Team

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