It has been projected that over 40% of medical providers plan to outsource there medical billing this year. 

The decision to surrender your billing over to an outside billing service may be the perfect solution for providers who are struggling to master the insurance and billing process and need help to obtain:   

  •  A consistent stream of revenue with less of it leaving your hands to fund employee benefits and salaries, software, billing and overhead costs.
  •  The time needed to provide every patient with the high quality, patient focused care that they deserve. Overbooking, long waits, not being heard and being rushed through leads to a negative patient experience and negative feedback. This results in patient loss and lost revenue. Every practice should have a high volume of repeat patients who will stick and tell others about them.   
  •  New patients who are constantly calling to be seen. The ability to attract new patients is critical. Provider directories help, but nothing beats word of mouth.


With over 30 years of experience in the health insurance industry we know that: 

  • Clean claim creation, with the majority being submitted electronically, excellent understanding of health carrier rules, regulations and procedures along with prompt and repeated follow-up will result in an increase in revenue. 
  • Checking the billing process off your list gives you and your office staff  more time. Time that can be spent improving patient care, re-allocating duties and responsibilities for better shifting and sharing of the workload and educating and retraining your staff to maximize productivity. All can lead to less stress and burnout, better patient experiences and retention and more referrals.
  •  Detailed reporting is critical to helping you understand and manage your bottom line. Our reports will provide a wide range of data that will help you measure performance, billing and aging. Reports are provided at month end or on demand.     

You've reached this website because you have concerns about your in-house biller, your current billing processes and/or your open A/R,

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