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What I know for sure is that medical billing is all about reimbursement

Anyone can put codes on a claim and hit the submit button. The test is knowing how to take that claim and turn it into cash. 1500pays is all about using our our knowledge of health insurance to help you reach the next level. Having a good understanding of the health insurance process is critical to knowing how to recover every dime that is due and not one penny less.


If you reached this site because you are interested in outsourcing your medical billing, 1500pays is ready to help you obtain faster, less problematic, claim payments. Please click on the "For Providers" tab for more information about our services, our pricing and how you can contact us. 

Interested in Medical Billing?

This site has tons of information for medical billing students, teachers, medical office staff, just about anyone involved in the health insurance industry. We are happy you stopped by and we encourage you to check out our site. Our insurance guide is full of great information and our case studies were designed to be fun and educational. 

Whatever your reason for stopping by, we are happy you chose us. 

In 30 plus years, I have been exposed to just about all aspects of claim processing. I have billed claims to health insurance carriers and on the reverse I have worked for health insurance carriers by processing their medical and dental claims. I have audited medical claims and I have worked with employers to customize plans that fit their employee's needs. I have secured upfront pre-approval and referral for needed medical care and I have appealed/disputed all incorrectly paid claims. Currently, I supervise the Billing Department of a large Medical Device Company. 

Our love for what we do is evident in our history, our experience and our years served. Make no mistake about it, we may be new to business ownership, but we are not new to this industry.  

Here, at 1500pays, we want to be that company.

You know, the one that you count on for the billing and recovery services that are  second to none. The one with that awesome, go-to site that you count on for the medical billing information and knowledge that you need as you start your own journey.  

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Rochelle and Ashley

The 1500pays Team